“The US is in the grip of an opioid- addiction epidemic, yet 80 percent of people dependent on heroin or painkillers are not getting treatment, according to a new research letter published in the Journal of the American Medical Association”   (The Atlantic)


Adrian, an elite athlete, suffers a tragic injury, becomes addicted to prescription opiates, and then heroin. Unable to fulfill his heroic role as a father substitute to younger brothers - he faces a crossroads.



Crossroads treads the well-worn path of injury, prescription dependence, street opiates and finally, full on heroin addiction. It forces current addicts to face a crossroads of continued addiction or rehabilitation. Other audience members must make a choice. Support prevention and treatment programs or watch this rampant epidemic continue.

Crossroads was written by Emmett Folgert, Executive Director of the Dorchester Youth Collaborative. This production will bring young people from Boston and Worcester together with professional artists to produce a high impact film that calls people to action to address the national epidemic of opioid abuse.