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BIG WORK developed from three months of 40 interviews by Melissa Bergstrom & Kate Marple. The artists, along with three of their acting colleagues, read scenes from their play and shared how their work examines our modern day relationship to our jobs. Our featured guest was Anneta Argyres, Labor Extension Director at U Mass Boston's Labor Resource Center, who joined us to offer her insights.

"BIG WORK began as a personal odyssey. We had just entered our 30s. We were artists with day jobs, and we were trying to figure out how to reconcile  what we were doing for a living with who we were as people."

"Since we were playwrights, we came up with the idea of  interviewing people from across the country about what they did for a living and what was most important to them. We spoke with accountants, artists, pharmacists, salesmen, people looking for work, and at-home parents. We talked to people just starting out and people well into retirement."

Annetta Argyres

Featured Guest
Anneta Argyres
Labor Extension Director
UMass Boston

Ron Jones

Special Guest
Ron Jones
Executive Director
Dialogues on Diversity

An excerpt from BIG WORK:

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